Try fast growing trees for a mature looking yard

Many landscapers and homeowners like to use fast growing trees so that the yard grows together and fills in quicker. Fast growing trees can easily get out of hand if they aren’t pruned often enough. Another problem is that many species reproduce from the roots. These are called “suckers”.

fast growing trees

One of the favorites used often by landscapers is the tree pictured above. It’s an Arborvitae, Green Giant, and they grow quickly. They are a hardy species of landscaping tree. This is one of the few fast growing trees that isn’t deciduous.

quaking aspen

The Quaking Aspen is a beautiful tree that is very hardy. It does really well in colder climates. Quaking Aspen trees grow very fast, but they spread very quickly so if you don’t want a grove of quakies in your back yard, you’ll have to poison or cut the suckers often.

best landscape trees
Many kinds of poplars are fast growing, but the favorite for landscapers would probably be the Hybrid and Lombardy Poplars. They can reach up to twenty-five feet in just five years. I planted a bunch by my house and in about 5 years they grew to about 25 feet in height.

They don’t grow that quickly in the cold, but they still grow amazingly fast. These are often used in tree farms for paper and waferboard because they grow so fast.

trees that grow fast

Cottonwood trees grow at at very brisk pace even in cold climates. They have a beautiful aroma in the spring along with bright green foliage.

They have a fairly short life span and they can really make a mess once they’re big. I’m always picking up branches and twigs. The branches are weak and can fall down in the wind.

In the late Spring, Cottonwood trees produce a cotton like seed, hence the name cottonwood. The cotton can make a mess and cause allergies. All-in-all, I like Cottonwood trees.

quick growing trees

Paper Birch trees are hardy and can withstand fairly cold climates. It has a paper like bark that peels and falls off in the adult years.

fast grow tree

Many homeowners and landscapers use Hybrid Willow trees because they grow so fast. Normal growth is about two or three feet a year, but they can grow up to ten feet in some climates.

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