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We have covered shower pans and surrounds, now let’s briefly talk about bathroom tile ideas for shower stalls. Tile is becoming very popular and for a good reason. I know many tile contractors that seem to be very busy these days. Tile can be really expensive if you pick the best quality, but the cost of hiring tile installers comes mostly from labor.

Tile has unrivaled beauty if done correctly, and it’s not that expensive to do yourself. If you hire it out, it will be pricey because it takes a lot of labor to install.

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Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. DIY bathroom renovations are the best way to go. Homeowners can save a lot of money by doing their own work.

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If you’re going to do your own work, get the tools you need. A tile cutter is quite cheap. You can get a tile saw for under $100. It’s totally worth the price.

Tile saws are also quite safe to use. They have a diamond-tipped blade and a water reservoir to keep it cool and wet. These saws save a lot of time, but they are very messy and muddy.

This page gives a quick and dirty outline of installing a tile shower. If you want greater details please click on the link below.

See my complete section on making bathroom tile showers

Still, tile helps hold the homes value like nothing else because of its durability. Let’s see what we have to do to make a tile shower.

First we have to make a box and put building paper down. Glue the bottom piece of the three-piece shower drain with PVC cement or ABS cement if using ABS.

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Next, you probably should put a rag into the drain hole to prevent mortar from getting in. If you can find metal lath, staple it in place.

This helps make the mortar much stronger. Now, mix the floor mortar with a latex additive to make a mixture with the consistency of soft modeling clay. You will want to mark a level line around the box as high as the mortar will be.

The idea is to make a gentle slope from the outside down to the drain. Try to get the mud even all the way around as it slopes inward. Next put the screws into the drain assembly.

There is a new type of rubber sealant that is very popular for this type of stuff called CPE membrane. Just stretch the rubber over the mortar and cut the rubber where the screws are so they stick out.

Stretch the membrane over the sides of the box and staple it high where the backer board will cover it.

shower stall membrane

You can reinforce the membrane over the drain if you want to for more strength. Now screw the middle drain piece down evenly and tightly to make a watertight seal.

Next, we put the backer board on the walls and put the third drain piece in.

shower tile

Lay out another layer of mortar while keeping in mind that the tile needs to be just slightly above the drain when it’s installed. This will help us remember how high to make the mortar.

Let this dry overnight and then we can start with the tiles. There are many different bathroom tile ideas to help you decide on color and style.

It’s easier to get the sheets of tiles than to do one at a time. From this point, it’s just a matter of securing the tile and grouting in the cracks.

installing shower tile

After the grout has had a short time to dry, you can clean away any excess grout. That’s about it for a tile shower. It seems like a lot of work and it is, but when you put a lot of though into your bathroom tile design it can pay dividends far into the future. It is always better to do it right the first time.

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