how to lay wood flooring

There is more to know about floors than how to lay wood flooring. Wood flooring is quite expensive no matter what kind of quality you get, but definitely shop around for the best price.
Wood laminates is the most economical route to take as opposed to the real expensive hard wood flooring. You can use solid wood for a little more money.

installing wood floors

The important thing to remember about wood flooring is to get the floor marked accurately with either a marker or a chalk line. The floor needs to be marked in a grid pattern that is in square.

For laminated squares, you will start in the middle of the floor and work towards the walls. That way, when you have to cut a tile to get it to fit up against the wall, it won’t look bad.

If you start from the wall and work your way to the middle, you’ll end up with an odd-sized tile or tiles in the center for everyone to look at.

installing laminate

After you’ve marked the floor then you can apply the flooring adhesive with a notched trowel. The adhesive dries fairly quickly so you might want to cover only as much of an area that you can work on inside of an hour.

Next you will start laying the tiles in place according to the measurements on the floor. Some types of floor laminates need to be glued. Once in place, make sure they fit tightly together.

installing laminate

Tap them gently with a piece of scrap wood and a hammer to make them fit tightly together as shown in the illustration.

You can make special cuts for the final tiles with a jigsaw or a coping saw and place them in until you have a perfect fit.

install laminate

Once you’ve finished putting it all together, you can go over it with a damp cloth to get all the glue. It should come off easily with water.

installing floor panels

If you really have to have the expensive hardwood floors, then you can install them with a special kind of nailer. This fits against the wood pieces and once in place, you pop the top of the nailer with a mallet. This drives the nails in at an angle and secures the hardwood to the underlayment flooring.

This secures the wood rails without exposing any nails. Once the floor is in place, you will want to check it to see if it needs to be sanded.

You will need to sweep it before you apply the polyurethane finish. It will take two or three coats to make a tough but beautiful surface.

This should be enough info on how-to-lay-wood-flooring for most home projects.

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