Beautify your yard by planting flowers, ground coverings and landscaping bushes

There are many kinds of bushes and shrubs that add variety to a yard. Ground coverings and flowers are important to fill in the areas where there aren’t any bushes or trees.

landscaping plants


The best source of information you can get about local plant life is at your closest tree and plant nursery. They will help you find the kinds of plants that grow well in your area and avoid those that don’t.

Landscaping plants is a really broad subject so I’m going to talk only about shrubs and bushes on this page. If you want to know about flowers and ground coverings, you can click on the links below.

landscape flowers

landscape ground covering

landscaping shrubs

Shrubs and bushes can grow to be quite large so the kind you choose depends a lot on the size of your yard. Landscaping a small yard requires a little self restraint when thinking about large bushes.

landscape shrubs

There’s a lot of smaller shrubs to choose from if you’re trying to landscape a small area.

small landscaping bushes

Shrubs are like trees when you plant them. You need to dig the hole about 2 times wider than the root ball.

tree hole
The type of soil is important. I like to use potting soil and garden soil mixed with the soil I dig out of the hole. These both have only a slight bit of fertilizer to help new growth.

Too much fertilizer can burn the roots of new plants and trees so you need to take it easy for awhile. Fill the dirt back around the root ball. Make sure the plant has adequate water and proper drainage. This will keep the plants healthy and hardy.

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