Installing the kitchen sink drain

Installing the kitchen sink drain can be a little tricky, especially if you have a triple sink and a dishwasher. There are so many styles of triple sinks that it might be hard to find a PVC drain assembly to fit. It’s not a bit difficult to make your own though. I use a triple sink as an example, but the drain assembly is basically the same for all sinks.

installing kitchen drain

This is how you might need to get creative when installing triple sinks. You will want to ask the plumbing inspector for suggestions, but as long as the p-trap is there and it’s a 2-inch waste line, there most likely won’t be any problems.

kitchen drain install

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the drain installation. This is the same for any type of sink.

First we need to put some plumbers putty around the underside flange of the strainer then put the strainer into the sink. This will keep the sink from leaking. Put the rubber washer in place and screw the locknut into place.

kitchen sink drain diagram

Next, put a washer on the rim of the tailpiece and put it on with the slip nut. The tailpiece usually needs to be cut off because it comes extra long.

The tailpiece will then fit into the tailpipe and it can be adjusted to the height of the p-trap and then screwed on with the slip nut. The picture shows a double sink drain assembly.

It just has another drain that goes into the main drain stack. The main stack goes to the p-trap and then out to the septic line.

 install a kitchen sink drain

If you have a dishwasher you will need to have an outlet for the waste water. A good place for that outlet is right on the tailpiece on the sink assembly.

You can get tailpieces with dishwasher adapters at any plumbing store. Almost everyone has a dishwasher these days.

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