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make my own house
Why build-your-own-house when so many others are paying for construction labor
Why start with a small-house-plan even if you can afford more?
Drawing house-blueprints and building designs
plan-a-house for homeowners on a budget
house-design-plan for the foundation
How to install a subfloor and floor joists
How to frame a house for the custom-house-plan
Sheathing for small-home-plan coverings and sealants
Stair-construction, how to build stairs
installation of windows-and-doors for the beginner
diy-bathroom-plumbing for beginners and do it yourselfers
Guide to diagram-electrical-wiring for home wiring, security, and phone systems
General insulation and ductwork-insulation for the do it yourself homeowner
Ductwork-heating and diy heating home plan for homeowners
how-to-install-vinyl-siding for beginners and do it yourselfers
Learn how-to-shingle-a-roof that is strong, inexpensive and goes up fast
Sheetrock and drywall-finish for residential houses and wall finishes
drilling a water-well for a private water system on your property
disposal-sewage-system for septic tanks and home land disposals
Learn how-to-install-wood-floors using laminate, composite and real wood
Construction and planning of bathroom-layouts for new homes
Great ideas-for-kitchen styles that are inexpensive and beautiful
Home lighting and cable-lighting-system for new home and home remodeling project
front-yard-landscaping-ideas to turn your property into a private sanctuary
design-interior-style for low cost, yet charming homes
friendly-links that have an interest in home construction
HouseBuilders Blog
small-cabin-plans for log homes
Home construction loan-plans for the owner builder that needs to finance constru
A homebuilders about-me page
The housebuilder contact page for questions and answers
housebuilder-site-map that in cludes all links to house construction aspects
e book download of electrical-formulas to print out and read
Shower stall bathroom-tile-ideas for the perfect bath area
mortgage-equity-calculator for figuring interest and amortization
Getting the right contractor-contracts for being your own contractor
Doing at-home-fix-it-repair projects for home remodeling and repairs
Download your free-ebook that teaches why you should build your own house
owner-builder-affidavit to build your own house without a contractors license
make my own house
free-mortgage-advice for an inexpensive home
How to build construction-walls for a new home or a home renovation project
Reasons for the housing-crisis and how to avoid it in the future
Finding the right hand-and-power-tool your own DIY home construction
Planning the perfect house-floor-plan design depends entirely on your lifestyle
Designing an affordable-house-plan or a country home plan that is economical
The best way for low-cost-house-building in a tight economy
Making affordable barn-house-plans with no experience
Deciding on small-home-floor-plans to better live a more frugal and greener life
housebuilding-ezine for up to date home construction ideas
House plan blueprint-symbols for electrical, plumbing, and architectural plans
Example of a home-blue-print designed by an engineer
Electric-symbols for the installation of electrical systems in home constructio
Learning how to read plumbing-symbols for house blueprints
Architect-symbols for framing small home plans
The foundation-plan for residential homes that can be owner built
All about getting building-permits for your new home
Designing a new-house-plan for the home home that fits you needs and budget
Women designer-interior-residential-space make a home more beautiful
home-foundation-contractors for helping with house planning
foundation-contractors and building house foundations without contractors
smart home-construction-plan for owning your own home
Learning about building and framing-walls in DIY home construction
House construction carpentry-framing for walls and headers
house-construction-plan for house framing and carpentry
economical-house-plans for the home builder on a budget
Covering for your building-home-construction project with plywood
Planning your design-history-interior for Stairs and spiral stairs
hardwood-stairs for a look of elegance in any home
How to make laminate-flooring-stairs with landings
Building a handrail-staircase with strength and beauty
How to install the carpet-stair-tread in new home construction
Installing prehung-interior-door instructions for do it yourselfers
Methods for do-it-yourself-plumbing in new home construction and home remodeling
home-improvement-plumbing for your new home
Learning how to install copper-pipe-plumbing for home water systems
diy-plumbing for home plumbing installation and repair
New home construction drain-plumbing for do it yourself plumbers
pipe vent-plumbing in new home construction septic lines
home-network-plan for home security and Internet wiring
How to do 3-way-switch-wiring in home lighting.
free-wiring-diagram for breaker box
diagram-electrical-home-wiring for Electrical Service Panels
Service entrance of basic-electrical-wiring for house wiring
Installing cables-and-wiring for new homes and home remodeling projects
home-electrical-wiring first steps of installation with circuit breakers
Basic home-improvement-electrical wiring instructions
Simple light-switch-wiring in rooms and bath fixture lighting.
Dedicated circuits for electrical-wiring-diagrams in home wiring
basic-house-wiring-diagram for phones, doorbells, and speakers
cat5-wiring-diagram for your easy to install home network
Understanding satellite-tv-wiring and installation in your home
Electrical blue-print-drawing with blueprint software house blueprints.
crawl-space-insulation for warm floors and lower heating bills
How to install house-insulation for the most energy effiecient and green home
Installing baseboard-heating-systems for your main heat source
diy-home-heating for new home heating systems using fireplaces
diy-central-heating for home heat installations and ductwork
Learn how heating-repair-contractors install floor heat for constant comfort
Secrets for how-to-clean-vinyl-siding so it looks new again
choosing-house-siding for your home exterior project
vinyl-siding-instructions and rules for proper siding installation
Basics for installing-vinyl-siding by owner-builders with no experience
vinyl-siding-installation-instructions for eaves and soffit installations
vinyl-siding-accessories for protecting roofing and walls
heartland-vinyl-siding for the best siding installation appearance
How to use a vinyl-siding-cutter for home siding construction
home-improvement-loans for installing vinyl siding
how-to-paint-vinyl-siding by cleaning it and applying special vinyl siding paint
Basics for installing-roof-shingles for an affordable roofing solution
installing residential-roof-shingles for an inexpensive roofing solution
steel-roof-installation for residential homes
Basics for painting-a-metal-roof instead of replacing it
If you’re wondering how-much-does-drywall-cost then you can find it here
how-to-drywall and plaster using sheetrock
Steps for installing-drywall with drywall screws for a professional appearance
how-to-install-drywall with drywall tools that looks professional
Using drywall-compound for taping and mudding sheetrock
patching-drywall and repairing holes in walls with drywall compound
How to drywall-texture walls for a beautiful appearance
Buying drywall-tools for taping and applying joint compound
Learning how-to-repair-drywall and replace damaged drywall sheets for beginners
DIY home construction inside finish-work and trim installation
How-to-install-carpet in your new home without the help of contractors
Learn how-to-lay-wood-flooring that is durable, beautiful and affordable
Learn how-to-grout-tile for your home flooring projects
Installing vinyl-floor-tile in a new home or a remodeling project
Installing laminate-stone-flooring and pebble tile flooring is easy
decorators-designer-interior for baths and bathrooms
Modern and fun bathroom-renovation-ideas for those on a budget
how-to-install-a-toilet in a new house or a remodeling project
Modern bathroom-shower-designs that make sense
A bathroom-plumbing-diagram that teaches how to install bathroom plumbing
Basics for bathroom-sink-repair for beginners and do it yourselfers.
Installing bathroom-exhaust-fans and bathroom fan light heater units
Choosing bathroom-linen-cabinets to enhance your space
Selecting the right bathroom-vanity-cabinets for your individual needs
bathroom-tile-photos and ideas for creating beautiful bathrooms
Planning a building a concrete-shower-pan and shower stall from mortar
House planning for design-interior-residential for Kitchens
Understanding kitchen-design-plans for the perfect home kitchen
Simple designs for building-kitchen-cabinets on a budget
Basics on how-to-install-kitchen-cabinets in a new kitchen
Beautiful kitchen-backsplash-ideas for the perfect kitchen
Basic kitchen-sink-installation for a new home or a remodeling project
Installing the kitchen-sink-drain assembly in new homes
Basics for installing-dishwasher lines in new homes or home remodeling
Basic installation for oven-range-wiring in new homes
Learning how-to-install-recessed-lighting for a modern home. track lighting
How to install modern-track-lighting into an existing light box. track lighting
Installing cable-track-lighting for a new home or remodeling project.
How to install flex-track-lighting for ceiling accent illumination.
New kitchen-track-lighting and overall kitchen lighting to accentuate areas
New ideas for modern-bathroom-lighting in a green home.
Using contemporary-track-lighting for your family room
Installing low-voltage-lighting-indoor systems for stairways
Installing low-voltage-cable-lighting in Dining rooms
diy-landscaping and installing irrigation sprinkler systems
free-landscaping-ideas used in many climates
Drawing a landscape-design-plan allows you plot out your yard
Landscaping-yards with gorgeous manicured lawns
landscaping-with-rocks in a desert setting or for water conservation
Ideas-for-landscaping-a-hill with waterfalls and beautiful water features
Various landscaping-blocks and how to use them
how-to-build-a-firepit in a front or back yard, landscaping, landscape
Instructions how to build-a-fish-pond in your own back yard
Choosing a large-outdoor-water-fountain that accentuates your yard
Planning outdoor-lighting-systems for beautiful landscaping illumination
landscaping-bushes, shrubs, flowers and ground covers
Deciding what types-of-trees are best for your landscaping project
Video of free-landscape-ideas in a desert area
decoration-design-interior for Living rooms
contractor-flooring-interior examples for residential entries
decorating-design-interior for Family rooms in a modern house
How to plan your decoration-interior for Dining rooms
commercial-design-interior for Residential offices
Planning a blueprint design-home-idea-interior for Bedrooms
building-a-log-cabin with logs for trusses and roof framing
framing-a-wall for a bathroom shower stall
shower-drain-install for shower mortar beds
log-cabin-house-plans for a private getaway or a summer home
Affordable log-cabin-floor-plans for a fun cabin resort or small home
log-cabin-interior for walls and inside living with a look always in style
Tips for refinancing-your-house even if you have less than perfect credit
How to use a loan-mortgage-calculator for estimating monthly loan payments
Getting a low-refinance-rate for building a home
refinancing-mortgage-rate to avoid foreclosure
Housebuilding Tips issue#016 Wow, 2008 was a strange year!
Housebuilding tips, Issue #003 -What if I can’t build my own house?
Housebuilding tips, Issue #002 – Should I build up or out?
Housebuilding tips, Issue #005-Subprime is bad!
Housebuilding tips, Issue #004 -Low prices, a great time to build!
Housebuilding Tips free ebooks
Housebuilding Tips issue#015 More people are doing their own labor
Housebuilding tips, Issue #001 — A great time to build!
Back Issues for Housebuilding tips
Making a-frame-house-plan using dimensional lumber for walls floors nand roofs
Designing architect-house-plans by using software for architects with
Creating a barn-house-plan or using pole barn house plans to build a home
Planning the roof for barn-style-house-plans or pole barn house plans
be-my-own-general-contractor for my own home
best-flooring-ideas, install flooring or replace old floors
Finding the best-landscaping-ideas to make your home project the best it can be
The best-mortgage-advice for refinancing a home
Modern blueprint-plumbing-symbols, house blueprints
Learn how to build-a-shower-stall using rubber liner and mortar and tile.
build-diy for homeowners and for repair projects
building-a-shower-pan made of mortar for bathroom remodel projects
cat-5-wiring-diagram for home networks, security systems and phone systems
cheap-home-equity-loans for better mortgage rates. home mortgage, free mortgage
Understanding construction-blue-print schedules designed for building codes
FAQ about the construction-build process for owner-builders
Beautiful desert-landscaping using native plants and little water
Home wiring electrical-codes and diagrams for blueprints
Wiring methods from an electrical-consultant for data lines and comm
electrical-diagrams for home wiring
electrical-house-wiring for new home and residential repair projects
electrical-residential-wiring for home remodeling projects
electrical-schematic-symbols for light switches and home wiring
electrical-symbols for beginning home builders
Remodel with exterior-vinyl-shutter and siding
Unique farm-house-plan any owner builder can make
Using fast-growing-trees to fill in your yard and make wind shelters
Fast growing garden-trees for different landscape plans
ground-cover-plants for landscaping and erosion prevention
home-interior-design-idea for women wanting to build their own homes
Great home-landscaping-ideas for climates with ample moisture
How contractors make a house-building-plan that owner builders can use
Draw your own house-design-plans for an affordable home that looks beautiful
housebuilder-back-issues about maintaining a home
Affordable housing-for-the-income-low wage earners
how-to-build-a-sidewalk with little or no experience
Learning how-to-install-hardwood-flooring is easy with modern flooring kits
improving-home-equity for better financial security in your life
How to increase-on-line-traffic to your site using contextual ads
independent-contractor-legal-contracts for assuring the job gets done right
Hauling installation-construction materials without a truck
Basics for installing-backerboard for inside shower walls
Basics for installing-stair-handrails that are secure and beautiful
interior-decorating-idea for women builders and planners
interior-decoration-design for new homes and remodeling
Encouraging women with an interior-design-idea to try
Installing interior-door-trim and moulding for new homes and remodeling
Installing interior-window-trim as part of finish carpentry on new house
landscape-design-ideas using lawn coverings and grass
landscape-ponds are growing in popularity especially Koi ponds
landscape-trees to make your yard beautiful
landscape-waterfalls for the perfect view and sound of serenity
landscaping-with-stone in a desert setting or for water conservation
Fun log-cabin-ideas on a tight budget
material-roofing for remodelers
modern-bathroom-ideas for a unique and fun bathroom
Designs for a modern-house-plan that is economical and beautiful
mortgage-quoter to help understand interest
owner-builder-book as free information for home builders
owner-building to save on construction labor costs
When planting-flowers you need to know what will grow in your area
Instructions for planting-fruit-trees in your yard or garden
Are the price-of-materials for home construction cheaper?
Find private-mortgage-investors to fund your DIY home construction
Electrical quick-guide for residential wiring. Electrical codes and diagrams
recessed-lighting-installation-instructions for shower lights
Understanding repairing-building-contractor methods of building a house
Finding a residential-construction-contractor that does a good job and is honest
rj45-wiring for home network wiring and wall jacks for Internet service
shower-pan-mortar installation for shower pans made of concrete
Planning a small-bathroom-makeover with limited space
Learn how to be a special-trade-contractor for your own home projects
Sweat-Equity, building a house at half cost
Basics for trim-carpentry when finishing a new home
A two-story-house-plan that makes financial sense and is simple to build
window-fix-it methods for remodelers
Electrical formulas download-page for home wiring
Housebuilding Tips Planning a small home
Housebuilding Tips How to Paint Vinyl Siding
Housebuilding Tips Build or wait
Identifying asbestos-danger areas in home remodel projects
support-files/8 pages

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I just wanted to say that I love your website. My husband and I followed your instructions on building our own home. Most of the work we did ourselves, but not all. We saved $90,000 in labor costs and now have a beautiful home that we own.

--Sue and Les Carrigan, Draper, Utah

I built my own home doing all my own labor. My house costs me around $70,000 for materials. It took me 8 months to build and is about 2,000 square feet. I didn't think I could do it, but your house web site encouraged me. I used all the info you had.

Thank you,

Benny Luis Lopez,

Gainsville, Florida

I can't thank you enough for your free information web site about home building. I was looking for Electrical wiring diagrams when I found your site. It was very helpful.

Steve Lundquist,

Little Rock, Arkansas

My wife and I lost our home to foreclosure but we kept a plot of land to start over. We are halfway through the construction of our house. Your website gave us hope to start over and build a house with low payments. We are in our late 60's but we find it rewarding to put so much effort into a project that will reward us for years to come.

Name respectfully withheld