Ten years ago it was very difficult to find any type of loan-plans for owner builders. Today, it is easier to find a home mortgage loan because of mortgage broker leads and the Internet.

With the dawn of the internet, everything is possible.
Mortgage loans and other related loans can now be accessed on-line. You can also have a long list of possible fha mortgage rates that will help you choose the best that will fit in your budget.

Undoubtedly, we live in the days of easy credit. History has taught us that easy credit is a precursor to hard economic conditions.

That’s just one more reason why we should be striving to get more equity in our homes.

If you want to
refinance your home
you might be able to get a good rate if your home is in a good market.

Here’s a mortgage calculator to help you out.

We all have to live in homes though, so it seems to be a necessary evil to take advantage of home loans. With the Internet, we can have many mortgage broker leads to helps us find the best mortgage rate.

A little over a decade ago, we were all at the mercy of our local banks when we wanted to get a mortgage loan, refinance home mortgages, credit card consolidation, auto loans, and home improvement loans. Now things are in our favor. Especially if you’re thinking about
refinancing your house
you won’t have a problem getting a loan no matter how bad your credit is.

Owner builders can get loans that were impossible to secure only a decade ago. For instance, it was almost carved in stone that to build a house, you would need two loans. The construction loan and then the permanent loan or loan refinance.

Now, there are several lending institutions that offer the two loans rolled into one. This is usually called a Construction-To-Permanent loan or CTP loan-plans.

There are many variations of these kinds of loan plans, but they are common in the area that they lend money for construction for 6 to 12 months, then the loan converts to a normal home loan.

If you don’t have any money at all and you don’t have any land or collateral, or even good credit, you probably won’t be able to get this kind of loan.

On the other hand, if you do qualify for a home loan of this type, but have no land or anything, you’ll probably have to hire subcontractors to do all the building. These types of home loans need to at least have the security of knowing the home will be done right.

The owner builder that saves the most money and gets the most equity out of his or her home is of course the builder that does all the work. It’s still difficult for owner builders to get home loans if they plan on doing all the work unless they already have a home started that has a fair amount of equity in it.

That’s why I used credit cards to buy materials to get my house to the point where I could get a construction loan. This may be what many of you have to do as well.

If you do a good job on the foundation, framing work, sheathing and roof, you should easily have enough equity to get a construction loan to finish your home. You will just need to look for refinance leads through a loan broker.

There are thousands of mortgage broker leads on the Internet, newspapers, radios, and on TV. They usually each work with a handful of lending institutions, some good, some not, so you’ll want to shop around for a loan broker.

My plan to build a home works really well in this case. Everyone needs to learn how to build a house before they actually get started.

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This website is a great guide to help owner builders get that first start. It helps teach how to get your home to the point where you can borrow whatever funds you need to finish it. That point only takes such a small amount to reach.

If you just do a search on mortgage broker leads or mortgage leads you will find many different loan options that are very helpful in getting you on your way.

You might need
government mortgage help to secure or protect an existing loan.


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