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I put up the inside walls and started to run Electric circuits. At this point there was no electricity connected to the breaker box so the circuits were safe to work with with. I like to put electrical boxes in first so I know where everything goes once I start unraveling the Romex cable.

how to frame walls

Then we started our second floor and put up the roof trusses. This type of roof is called a gambrel roof. The roof pitch on the top would normally be too flat to be strong, but in our design, we put a load-bearing wall up the middle. That was our plan from the beginning.

build gambrel trusses

The sheathing was next. It was nice having the roof covered to protect us from rain. It’s important to cover the house frame with sheathing because it adds a lot more strength to the structure. It also protects the floors from rain.

build dormers

My kids always loved to come and see Dad working on the house. We have a lot of treasured memories while building this house. Most of the time it was just me, but sometimes my wife and kids would come help. My wife was always very helpful. My kids were not.

building with family

building upstairs

making stairway

Wires and pipes were everywhere right before the sheetrock. It was important to secure all the wires to the framework so screws from the sheetrock couldn’t puncture them. Wires need to be run up the middle of the framing studs. All pipes and waterlines need to be secured so they can’t be punctured by finish nails and screws as well.

cables through walls

wiring breaker box

Every wire had a purpose and they all ran back to the
breaker box.


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I just wanted to say that I love your website. My husband and I followed your instructions on building our own home. Most of the work we did ourselves, but not all. We saved $90,000 in labor costs and now have a beautiful home that we own.

--Sue and Les Carrigan, Draper, Utah

I built my own home doing all my own labor. My house costs me around $70,000 for materials. It took me 8 months to build and is about 2,000 square feet. I didn't think I could do it, but your house web site encouraged me. I used all the info you had.

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Benny Luis Lopez,

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I can't thank you enough for your free information web site about home building. I was looking for Electrical wiring diagrams when I found your site. It was very helpful.

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My wife and I lost our home to foreclosure but we kept a plot of land to start over. We are halfway through the construction of our house. Your website gave us hope to start over and build a house with low payments. We are in our late 60's but we find it rewarding to put so much effort into a project that will reward us for years to come.

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