You’re probably wondering, “What does color-full-printing have to do with housebuilding?” Absolutely nothing.

The beauty of this business is it’s growth capability. It can get as big as you want it to. I know this because I’m doing it and it seems as if the sky is the limit.

By the way, if something works for me then I share it with others. I don’t worry about competition. It’s a big world.

format large printing

I’ll start off with the most difficult things so you can see the potential of color-full-printing. This is a book cover using a method called format large printing.

color full printin

I use a heavy 100 pound cover stock. The best printer on the market today for all around printing high resolution graphics, posters, banners, and photographs is definitely the Canon i9900 for format large printing. It’s perfect for color-full-printing.

brochure color printing

Making book covers is challenging at first, but if you have the proper equipment, you can do a great job, not to mention easy jobs like brochure color printing.

I am able to get all printing equipment at the Dell online store. They even have immediate financing for individuals and businesses.

brochure color printer

The best printer for making book pages is the Dell 5100cn. It’s a color Laser printer that’s very economical to run. It costs right around $900. Dell also has a less expensive model for people just starting out. The Dell 3100cn. It has about the same print quality and is slightly less economical, but it costs around $400. Both are excellent for color-full-printing.

My preference between the two is the Dell5100cn because it has a duplexer for printing on both sides. It’s really fast for a color laser printer. I just hit print and my book pages come out stacked and in order for binding. I use different types of paper for different needs, but I mostly use 32 pound, double-sided, low-gloss, laser paper. It works well for color-full-printing.

perfect binder

The most difficult part of making books is the binding process. It’s called “perfect binding” when it is glued at the spine.

You can buy binders, but they are about $5,000 for a cheap one. I got creative one day and found some really old binder designs from the mid 1800’s. I made several improvements and made it out of steel instead of wood.

This plan has a patent pending on it in case I want to sell them, but if anyone wanted to make one for personal use and not sell them, that would be just fine with me.

I will make better plans of the binder and the binding process in the future.

So anyway, after you have laminated the book cover on one side and then scored it with a scorer to make perfect folds at the spine you can put it in the binder.

Next put the stack of papers in and jog them so they are all even.

The papers and cover are secured in place by the spring-loaded tension bar.

perfect book binder

The binder tray is then turned upside down exposing the spine. You can use many kinds of glue, but I use PUR adhesive in a heated glue dispenser. Glue the spine evenly and then turn the binder tray right side up.

perfect binder press

I added a press to get the best glue seal in between the pages and to also make a secure fit with the cover. The glue dries almost instantly, but I like to stack the books so the glue dries better.

book binding

book making

Once the books have dried for a few hours, you can trim it to size with a ream paper cutter. Most books need to be trimmed because the standard paper size looks awkward.

booklet making

So now that we’ve made books, the easy things are a slam-dunk. Things like booklets, membership badges, brochures, flyers, announcements, tickets, posters, banners, and of course, photographs, are all easy to make and they have a high profit margin. Brochure color printing is very lucrative right now.

You see, the thing that has made the difference for color-full-printing is the inexpensive color laser printers that are new to the market.

Just 5 years ago, this type of printer was around $5,000. Now it’s under $1,000.

Print-on-demand companies still charge a lot for books because they have to pay for their really expensive equipment that’s has since fallen in price.

Try to get a book with color printed. Even if it’s a book with only one colored page you get charged at least 15 cents a page. Color-full-printing for books is hard to find.

My book would have cost around $45 to have produced by the most economical print-on-demand company, but I can do it for a little over $10 myself.

That’s why this is a good business right now. Running a business doing color-full-printing is now available to people who don’t have a lot of money.

Do yourself a favor and go check out what Dell can do for you with their financing and excellent products.

With the exception of my Canon printer, all my computers, printers, and hardware is the Dell brand. Actually, I also bought my Canon printer from Dell. They have the best quality and the best prices. How can you beat that?

book design

There are many good publishing programs for making books or posters or anything really. I like MS-Publisher. It works great for what I need to do and it’s compatible with almost everything out there.

Books are kind of tricky because you have determine the size of the pages and spine. Brochure color printing is easy, but the right paper is essential. That all depends on what the person wants so it’s a good idea to have some sample swatches of paper.

poster making

Posters are really easy and fun to make. I like to laminate them so they’re extra durable. You can get some excellent photos and drawings from clip-art sites and photo sites. The Canon i9900 has a width limit of 14-inches, but you can make the poster as long as you want. I like to make posters that are 14″ X 24″, that’s an excellent size for format large printing.

You can make collages from sporting events at school with the player in front and the team faded into the background. There is always a huge demand for this type of vanity among high-schoolers.

There are many things you can do with the right color-full-printing equipment and some creativity.

make your own posters

Oreo helps me a lot with my printing business and faithfully guards my expensive equipment as you can see here.

More about self publishing

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