Why choose vinyl when choosing house siding?

When deciding on siding for your home people always ask me why vinyl is such a good choice. Vinyl siding makes sense for the kind of homes we build.You really don’t need a contractor to install vinyl siding. It’s that easy!

install vinyl siding

This is my most favorite part of the whole construction process. It’s easy and fun and your house project will emerge a beautiful creation in just a few days. That’s why choosing house siding is important for house because it can really make a big difference.

Exterior sidings are important not only for looks, but also for protection from the elements over the years.

A house can stay preserved in a new condition for decades or a house can become dilapidated and fall apart in just a few short years depending on the exterior barriers.

My whole purpose for creating this site is to teach people how to build a nice home on low income. As I’ve covered many times, this is a way for people to get a new home and to financially propel themselves years ahead of others who decide to hire someone else to do it for them.

With drastically reduced monthly payments, we can afford to do things we otherwise couldn’t even dream of doing. It’s all because of sweat equity. It’s a wonderful thing.

I bring this point up occasionally to remind us all that we have to make certain decisions during the building process. Decisions of not to overspend on unnecessary materials.

Because as I’ve said before, if we buy the finest quality without regard to cost, our building project will not get finished and we’ll run out of money before we’re done.

I think most of us have seen major investments in real estate go bad. A hotel, a lodge, a condominium, or whatever, that was put together by people who had insufficient capital, yet ignored the warnings. Suddenly, the funds are spent, the project is over budget as usual, and nobody will step in to save the visionaries from financial ruin.

The project remains unfinished and is either purchased by someone who can pay the bank and usually some mechanics liens, or the project is scrapped and something else goes up in its place.

Our main focus here is to produce a quality home at a very low cost. There are many areas where we can save a lot of money. If we decide to use vinyl when building our own home instead of brick or any other expensive siding material, we’ll make the best choice by far.

The only people that will really bad mouth vinyl siding are those who can afford brick or perhaps those who sell aluminum or some other siding that isn’t a good economical choice for someone in our tax bracket.

Vinyl is a dream to work with. It’s fairly durable, and very economical. It has a few obvious setbacks, but the pros far outweigh the cons. It is the only exterior siding I will cover in this section because to me the choice is a slam-dunk.

The positive qualities of vinyl siding are that it’s maintenance free. It never needs to be painted and it holds its color very well. It can be cleaned with a garden hose. It helps insulate the house. Most brands of vinyl have a lifetime guarantee and so far from what I’ve seen, they could last years without maintenance.

The major expense with vinyl, as with most things, comes from the installation done by professionals. It doesn’t take a professional to put up siding, just a person that knows a few characteristics of the product, and has a little common sense.When choosing-house-siding, we always need to consider the high cost of labor.

The most important fact to know about vinyl is that it expands and contracts with the temperature. Each strip is nailed in place, but the nails aren’t driven in all the way. The strips of vinyl have nailing flanges, but are more or less hanging in place by the nails.

Each strip should be able to move freely from side to side. A few years back, I remember seeing a few homes with this new product installed. The homes looked great, but just after a few week

It was pulling apart in places and leaving gaps and swells in other places. The homes were new and the siding installation was still under warranty so they were do-overs for sure.

The problems were an easy fix once the installers understood that they were not supposed to hammer the nails in all the way. Many contractors and installers have learned this way. Anymore, this is common knowledge about vinyl siding, but the novice builder can sometimes make these same mistakes.

If I need to put siding on any type of building, for almost any project, the answer is vinyl siding. If the owners want something different then they get what they want, but I usually see them pay a lot more for something they could have had for much less.

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