Countertops and kitchen backsplash ideas

There are many countertops and kitchen backsplash ideas for modern homes. The countertops are fairly easy to install and they make everything beautiful. There are many choices and colors.

You can try a custom laminate, which are sheet laminates of your choice of design and color glued to dense particleboard and fairly inexpensive too.

There’s Post-form counter tops that usually come from the factory with rounded faces and backs. They are also laminates glued to dense particleboard.

You can buy these kitchen backsplash ideas as counter tops pre-made or you can make them yourself. Tile counter tops are becoming increasingly popular, but they are a little pricey and time-consuming.

Let’s start with custom laminate. This is how it’s made. You will need to get the particleboard counter top and measure it to the perfect fit.

kitchen countertop

You will want to cut the sidepieces because they will go on first and try to leave extra to get routered off. The laminate is attached to the countertop with contact cement and pressed in place.

Once it has had a short time to dry, you can router off the edges using a flush-cutting bit.

laminate countertops

When you get the sides done you can do the top. Cut it with extra laminate to router off just like the sides. You will need to put contact cement on both the countertop and the laminate.

The contact cement is not at all forgiving because it dries instantly so if you don’t have someone to help you lay the laminate down on the counter, you can put spacers to position the laminate evenly over the countertop.

Pull the spacers out as you go along pressing the laminate to the countertop. This also keeps bubbles out. The laminate should make a smooth, level surface when it’s all done.

cabinet tops

Now, let’s talk about the post-form countertop where the laminate is already done. Utilizing these ready-made tops can be part of several excellent backsplash ideas for your kitchen that save time and money.

laminating countertops

The post form countertops are already made so you just cut them to the right length and put a batten in the end. The batten helps make a more secure end plate.

cabinet countertop

When putting the end cap on you will need to activate the adhesive with an iron so it will make a good contact. Post form counter tops are almost a guaranteed success. They make the job very easy.

We’ve already been over doing tile and tile countertops are exactly the same, but repetition doesn’t hurt anything so we’ll just do a brief run down on tile countertops.

how to make a countertop

You start with the plywood center. You put a layer of plastic over the plywood. Then put the cement board on with screws. You will need to put cement board on the sides too.

Next put a layer of thin-set adhesive on the top in a small area and lay the tile in using spacers at the corners to get a uniform design. Next, do the sides with the special bull nose tiles. Once that has dried, you can start the grout.

Take out the spacers and fill the cracks with grout. Get it into all of the cracks in a nice, even layer. Let it dry for a while, then go over it with a damp cloth to get the remainder of the grout off the tiles. Once it has dried, you can apply a grout sealant that will keep it from getting dirt into it.

There are a lot of backsplash ideas for the back of your counters. Be sure that it is made strong because you will be banging pots and pans into it constantly.

kitchen cabinets

That’s it for cabinets; let’s move on to other kitchen details. Before we move on to other things, check out my cabinets. They cost $6500; sometimes it’s worth spending extra.

The one thing to remember about kitchen cabinets is that your cabinets are the single most important thing to appraisers and prospective home buyers. Don’t skimp on your kitchen cabinets, but try to be frugal.

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