Modern kitchen sink installation

Any modern sink installation is quite easy because of the standard parts it uses.The kitchen sink is one of the items that is often under planned though.

People that do a lot of cooking and food preparation should almost always have a triple sink.

While the triple sink isn’t much more expensive than normal sinks, it takes up more space and needs to be planned out. Every bit of counter space in a kitchen is important.

triple sink

For the person who doesn’t have a passion for cooking a double sink is fine. I don’t know any case where a single sink would be acceptable. Besides, a triple sink is one of those things appraisers and buyers remember as an “extra”.

The cabinetmakers will usually cut the hole for the sink and some will even install it for you. If you have to install the sink, you will need to run a bead of silicone or plumbers putty around the flange of the sink and place it in the cut out.

sink installation

There are special fasteners that go under the sink to secure it with. You can really torque it down with these to make a good seal so the sink has a smooth edge.

We used to put sinks in with a layer of putty around the rim to make a good seal, but we don’t really do that anymore. Instead we just run a bead of silicone around the underside of the rim before we put it in place. You will need to gently run your finger around the top side of the rim to make a neat seal.

Now let’s move on to the faucet installs and hot and cold water outlets. These are the same as all the other faucets and outlets. They just need to be screwed on.

kitchen faucet installation

You will first put the kitchen faucet into the pre-made holes in the sink. After that, you will need to fasten the faucet in place with the mounting nuts. Tighten these down really well.

Next you can hook up the hot and cold water. Most sinks and faucets come with a sprayer, so you will need to connect that also.

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